What is Travel?

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ビデオで話している英語内容!we all need a break from our everyday life going on a vacation is fun and fulfilling but you can gain a lot more by actually traveling exploring and being present at the places you visit here are some benefits of traveling it is better to spend your money on experiences rather than on material things the memories you collector like treasures they will remain forever and will bring you more happiness than some new clothes or other material things think how good it will feel when you’re old and you look back to see not only an
ordinary routine but also adventures and unique experiences you had gone through and not only when you’re old ever a few years from now you can recall how much fun you had and plan your next adventure in the end you will not regret the things you’ve done but the things you didn’t do traveling is a great opportunity to temporarily get away from your everyday life and look at it from a different point of view it’s so much easier to deal with issues and solve problems when you look at them from the outside while traveling you have a lot of time to think without distractions
and make healthy decisions you will have a better perspective and maybe even realize that things are not that bad as you thought in our everyday life we are used to doing the same things meeting the same people going to the same places we basically live in our comfort zone when you travel you get out of your bubble you meet new people other travelers and locals you’re exposed to different cultures you see different landscapes and views you experience new things you learn that the world is diverse and it helps you understand people that are different from you
traveling actually makes you smarter you learn new things all the time when you travel you get into unusual situations and face different challenges it makes you push your limits handle things better and come up with creative solutions after all the best way to learn is through experience traveling helps you to know yourself better you’re out of your comfort zone and get to see your behavior in different situations sometimes even extreme ones you will be surprised to find out new things about yourself that you didn’t know and decide what and how
to improve the best part of traveling is the people you meet along the way you get to meet new people from countries around the world whom you would never have met in your daily life you listen to their stories tell yours hear various opinions and experience things together with people happiness is greater when shared with others traveling may sound scary or too challenging to some people and it’s okay just remember that you can choose your own kind of travel it doesn’t have to be trekking in the mountains although that could be fun but you can do anything
explore cities do some couchsurfing relax in nature visit small villages and so on you will get more confident and learn what is good for you have a nice trip thank you for watching if you have any questions or requests just write down in the comments if you liked the video please press the like button and subscribe to see future videos

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