Classroom wisdom, learning success and cutting edge technology in your pocket.

Our 160 lesson online video English language learning system with over 1,600 videos is designed to get students to the English levels mandated by the Ministry of Education.  These levels can be challenging for students but our system helps students succeed.  With 160 grammar instruction videos and over 1,600 videos of native speakers we help students get better, faster, on their schedule.

These lessons and format were developed by our founder who taught for many years in Japanese middle schools before joining a language learning software company.  There he was part of a team of linguists and language professors that created language courses used by many public libraries, public and private colleges, in addition to many public schools in the USA.  These programs were so effective that several branches of the United States Armed Forces, including the Coast Guard and Pentagon, started using these programs for soldiers and soldiers’ families too.

Eventually our founder and that company parted ways.  The company wanted to pursuit programs for large companies to drive profits while our founder wanted to share the modern advances with Japanese students.  That led to the creation of DokodemoBenkyou.COM – Classroom wisdom, real world language learning success and cutting edge modern technology have been combined to accelerate the English learning of your child.

Shouldn’t learning resources keep up with us?

DokodemoBenkyou.COM was created for today’s middle school student.  Cell phones, tablets, and constantly being on the move seem to be the only constant of today’s children.  They want short, to-the-point videos that teach them what they need to know.

Our program gives students on-demand video lessons anytime they desire.  Students can watch any of the 160 grammar videos or over 1,600 native speaker videos at home in the futon, on the train ride to school, or during lunch before the big English test.  We are always there to help student succeed.  Students are no longer limited to when they can be in a classroom!  Modern technology allows us to provide you this kind of access to English lessons that would have been unthinkable when their parents were growing up.